2020 Presidential Debate: Healthcare Fact Check

2020 Presidential Debate: Healthcare Fact Check

(TargetLiberty.org) – Political analysts had speculated that Joe Biden would push hard on healthcare in Tuesday’s debate, and he certainly tried – but did he manage to land any blows? Early in the debate, Biden insisted President Trump had “no plan” for healthcare. That claim is worth a closer look.

Just last weekend, Trump publicly signed an executive order making protecting people with pre-existing medical conditions official US policy. That’s going to put huge pressure on insurers to comply. A second executive order directs Congress to outlaw surprise healthcare bills for out-of-network costs by the start of next year.

Maybe the biggest plan, though, is the president’s determination to cut the prices Americans pay for prescriptions. On July 24, Trump signed four executive orders on drug policy. One legalizes the import of cheaper prescription drugs from Canada and other countries. Another forces insurers and healthcare networks to pass on discounted drug prices to patients. The third makes insulin cheaper, while the fourth is a negotiating lever to make drug companies cooperate. If they don’t cut prices, Medicare will be required to buy drugs at the discounted prices paid by other countries, such as Britain’s NHS.

The president’s healthcare reforms don’t come in a big glitzy package like Obamacare, but they’re sensible, practical policies that deliver real benefits to ordinary Americans. Biden says Trump doesn’t have a plan, but six executive orders in just two months prove he’s wrong.

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