20 People Found Dead at Sea

20 People Found Dead at Sea

(TargetLiberty.org) – Caribbean fishermen made a grisly discovery last week when they found a drifting boat with 20 corpses on board. So far, nobody knows what killed the castaways or where they were headed for certain.

On June 24, fishermen off Grand Turk island found a small boat around a mile offshore. When they investigated it turned out to be full of bodies; they called the marine police, who towed it to port. On June 27, police officials said they’ve ruled out foul play, but right now they don’t have an explanation for what happened.

Police Commissioner Trevor Botting thinks the boat came from outside the Caribbean and wasn’t heading for the Turks and Caicos. However, reports have noted that the islands are a frequent target for refugees escaping from Haiti.

There’s been a massive increase in immigration to the US and other areas from dangerous territories, and some migrants take insane risks in their attempts to relocate. While it’s still unknown what exactly happened to the individuals drifting off Grand Turk island, is it possible that migration became the fatal lure that drew 20 people to a lonely death at sea?

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