14 Republicans Join Democrat Scheme to Block Redistricting Plans

14 Republicans Join Democrat Scheme to Block Redistricting Plans

(TargetLiberty.org) – In what could be bad news for the GOP in November’s midterm elections, state Republicans in Missouri have decided to support Democrat gerrymandering in a move that could make it harder to reverse the Dems’ House majority.

In the 2020 general election, Missouri voted heavily in favor of President Trump – he had a lead of close to 20% over Biden. Now, the state is due for redistricting to reflect the latest census information, and State Senator Bill Eigel (R) has drawn up a map of the proposed new districts — one that reflects the state’s political leaning toward Republicans. On February 8, the state Senate voted on the map.

And 14 Republicans voted against it.

Eigel’s proposal was defeated in a crushing 8-24 vote after 14 of his Republican colleagues joined the state senate’s 10 Democrats to reject it. Eigel’s map would have given Republicans a 7-1 share of Missouri’s House seats; now the most likely replacement cuts that to 6-2.

With the Democrats holding a slim 10-seat majority in the House, but pulling out all the stops to swing the election their way – the GOP needs every edge it can get to regain control of the lower chamber. Now, the task has just been made harder by 14 RINOs who chose to side with the Democrats against their own party’s interests.

It seems too many Republicans are unwilling to look for advantages, while Democrats — as New York has just demonstrated, with a proposed map that slashes four of the state’s current eight GOP seats — will instantly grab them with both hands.

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