10 Great Reasons Donald Trump Is Good for America

10 Great Reasons Donald Trump Is Good for America

(TargetLiberty.org) – The media often says it, but this year it’s really true. The elections in November are the most consequential of our lifetimes. You could make a pretty good argument that it’s the most important election in our history.

There are many reasons why President Trump is good for America. Here are our top 10 favorites:

1. Trump Built the Best Economy the US Has Ever Had

Under President Obama, the economy was sluggish. But after Trump took office, it took off like a rocketship. Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, unemployment was at its lowest level in history for nearly every demographic. Overall, it fell to 3.5%. That’s full employment. Wages have risen. The stock market has been setting records. Trump built the strongest economy the US has ever seen, and he’ll do it again.

2. He Saved Countless Lives with His COVID Response

President Trump made several critical decisions at the beginning of the pandemic that saved millions of American lives. Right after the first case of COVID was diagnosed in the US, Trump imposed a travel ban on China on January 31. He also agreed to the shutdown to flatten the curve and allow hospitals to get a handle on the virus. He made sure every person who needed a ventilator got one and he provided hospitals all across the country with PPE.

3. He’s Tough on China and Has Improved Our Trade Deals

China has been eating our lunch for decades. But no more! Donald Trump is the only president in modern history to really stand up to Communist China. He’s also improved trade deals across the board. His business experience made him a tough negotiator, and after years of being on the losing end of the deals, we finally have a president who puts America first.

4. Trump Is the Law and Order Candidate

Democrat-run cities all across the US have erupted into chaos and violence. Joe Biden has all but condoned the looting, burning, and rioting. But Donald Trump is the law and order president. He will end the lawlessness and he’s also a big supporter of the police.

5. He Supports and Promotes Women

Despite the lies the Left would have you believe, President Trump has been very supportive of women. Not only has he lowered women’s unemployment rates to a 50-year low, but he also has surrounded himself with powerful women in his administration, including his daughter Ivanka, Kellyanne Conway, Kayleigh McEnany, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, to name a few. He also named women leaders to the Secretaries of Transportation, Education, and Homeland Security. On top of that, he placed the first woman as head of the CIA.

6. He’s Done More for the Black Community Than Any President Since Lincoln

Donald Trump enacted historic criminal justice reform. He secured funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The Trump administration also created Opportunity Zones to help low-income areas. On top of all of that, he set a record for the lowest Black, Hispanic, and Asian unemployment rates in history.

7. He Fights Back Against the Biased Media

The leftist media has been attacking Trump since the day he came down that escalator to announce his 2016 campaign. No president has ever gotten more negative coverage. But, he’s fought back hard. He calls out the lying and hypocrisy, and has found a way to get his message out to the American people despite them, by using social media.

8. Trump Built the Wall and Secured the Border

He stopped the flood of illegal aliens into the country at the southern border. He stood up to the caravans and sent them back. And — he’s kept his promise to build the wall. Many parts of the wall that were dilapidated or outdated have been fixed. Another 339 miles are currently under construction, with 183 more miles in pre-construction.

9. He’s Protected Religious Freedoms

Trump has been a staunch defender of conservative Christian values and religious freedoms. He has called for opening churches. Plus, he’s named two Conservative justices onto the Supreme Court who will fight against abortion laws and rule in favor of religious liberties for all.

10. He Drives the Left Crazy, and He’s the Only Thing Standing Between America and Socialism

There’s just something delicious about the way that Donald Trump gets into the heads of the Left. He drives them nuts. They’ve finally met their match in this president. He doesn’t cower to their attacks; he punches back harder than he’s ever been hit. And the truth is, he’s far better than the alternative.

This November, it’s up to you to vote wisely and pick the candidate that aligns with your vision of America.

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